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It depends on the amount of layers here I believe we had just two layers of black gel polish and one layer of top coat portable electric nail file, so the speed is about 20,000 rotations per minute, but as I remove the color, we can clearly see that there is a best electric file for nails.Lifting right there you see those white yellowish spots so that means that product is definitely lifted probably even the whole nail so we will see if we need to take it off, but ideally I will try to remove only the lifted part once I’m done with removing the color I will switch to another beat, it is also carbide and also green abrasive but the shape is a little bit different, so I can take more product at once looks like the whole area of the nail bed lifted and it might happen for different reasons, maybe there was something wrong with the nail prep, maybe this period like four and a half weeks is simply too long for this particular client or maybe there was some mistake during their application or something else by the way I have a video that covers the most popular reasons why different products may live from the nail plate, you definitely need to check it out, if you’re still struggling with lifting, so yeah.My predictions were correct almost the whole area of the nail bed, this one is so we separated the reason why we see this yellowish color is because the moisture was there for a while, so if we would leave it like that the color will turn into green after a while, so now I’m simply filing off all the remaining parts of acrylic angel polish and now I will just take off the surface shine from this outgrown part and replace all this area with a new product, so basically the nail was simply holding on the free edge, then I will continue taking off the color on the next nails, but on the rest of them, we do not have as much lifting as on this one so mostly I will be filing off the color, once you take the gel polish off once again inspect the nail make sure there’s no lifting in the cuticle area along the side walls and in the middle and if you notice any whitish or yellowish.Spots make sure to get rid of them like to pious movements, so graceful while cat in the jungle with dangerous claws moment she enters the case aside set on her play like stars in the darkest night cars still, um, it’s fascinating, if you want to stay alive, if you don’t wanna be don’t stand in our way, run away just to laugh to laugh, watch Craig laughs laughs. Don’t don’t say don’t look back, she anticipates no chance if you become break two stars in the dark knight crystallize fascinate her moments and she feels that your hobby done animal fear, her beauty is unreal, just beat it out of here don’t stay away with some nails, it was a bit confusing, because previously we used white color to do the snails white acrylic and sometimes it’s kind of hard to tell whether it’s the old product or this is an actual lifting so it is better to check because if the product is lifted, you need to make sure that you file it all off on this nail I was so sure that the product is lifted on the side but actually turned out.Be an old product white acrylic with glitter, so that’s not a problem but it’s better to check and be sure so once you file off all the lifting if there is some and the color next step, we need to turn around the client’s hand and file it underneath, so even the previous extensions were extensions on forms or tips, usually you will have a little gap here so you need to make sure you get rid of this and also during this step I file out the outgrown natural nail and I’m using the same carbide beat, I used at the beginning the shape of it is really good, it’s not too sharp, so I will not hurt the client’s skin and also hold the beat flat so you will not over file, the apex Syria from underneath so basically I’m filing off a little thickness of the product underneath and the natural nail at the same time, and if the nails of your clients are growing downwards, you may want.To file a little bit more so later you can add more product on the top and they won’t look like that anymore filing off the outgrown natural nail from underneath, is a very important part of the info, if you will neglect it, you may likely end up with lifting off nails in the middle of the nail like you’ll see this white bubble and the reason it happens is because once the nails grow, they tend to curve while the product the hard product stays where it is so we have a conflict there, so the nail starts separating from the product, if you will take a close look, you can notice that this nail is already lifted from the product so luckily we will get rid of this now and this lifting will not grow and go to the nail bed area so luckily we removed it and also it just looks cleaner right, we do not have this yellowish part of the nail anymore and the nail looks.And we don’t need to worry about the product lifting underneath the nail, but please be careful with this part because some of my students actually filed off the hole right in this area once you’re done with this one the next part will be prepped so I’m pushing back the cuticle, um, I’m using e file for it, if you do not know how to use electric nail file, you can also use a pusher or an orange wood stick and do all this manually so I’m using a diamond beat I usually call this sheep flame bit, and this is red abrasive, which is medium fine, the speed is around 18,000 rotations per minute, so I’m pushing back the right side of the cuticle and I do that on all ten nails by doing that I’m pushing up the cuticle on the left side and cleaning the dead tissue along the side walls at the same time, if you are right-handed just like me, you may want to start always from.This site moving from the center to the left and here the electric nail file is rotating clockwise, which is forward mode and once you are done with this site once you’ve done it on all ten nails, you may want to switch to the opposite, which is reverse mode on most electric nail files, you need to fully stop first and only then you need to switch to this opposite direction, so here basically everything is the same, we only work from the center towards the right corner, so once again I push back the cuticle I push it up I clean all the dead tissue along the cuticle and along the side walls and I strongly recommend to not let your clients use the bathroom at this moment because as you can see that nail was barely hanging on there on the free edge, so if she will leave right now, she may come back without nails.To stay alive, if you don’t wanna don’t stay away, run away, crystal crystal great alright we’re done with the filing, then I took off the surface shine from the natural nail and I’m going to use a cover light blush by glamour glitz dehydrate or and none as primer only on the natural nail so earlier I tried some of the.Shades of lemon glaze powders but they were glitter powders, and this is my first time trying their caba colors, so I’m really excited about that I have light blush and I also have a medium one but we decided to use light blush, since this client’s skin tone is rather light and your previous extensions were also done by colors that like our light nude so we decided that this one will match better, so first thing first I will fix this area along the free edge and then I’m going to build their remaining part so since we had this old product on the free edge, it’s kind of like we already had a tip, and now we need to rebuild the new nail so basically the new product will be on the nails, so this is almost like a new nail just a little bit of whole product as the base underneath I have to admit that the color looks pretty nice and feels really nice when working with it.Looks natural I cannot really see much difference between this color and her natural nail bed at the moment so I will probably use this color all the way up to the cuticle because normally I sometimes switch to transparent pink as I get closer to the cuticle, but I think we will be fine just by using this color solely so then I switched to a larger size of the bead and stretch it all the way towards the free edge and make sure it is very thin near the cuticle.Why do you wanna end, was it real or just pretend and tell me why you wanna end was he really just different nothing at all, just pictures on these walls reminding me of how flew away all that we’ve gone through to guilt doesn’t know why do you want, it was really just pretend tell me why you wanna end, was it really just a friend, he was paid.Every word you said I worked yeah was just pretend. If there was any sign that her love was in decline I would have begged you not to go.I would have given even more alright we’re done with the application and the reason I applied so much on this last nail is because it was growing downward, so I want to lift it up a little bit and this is the one as you can see there is much more product than we need on the free edge and I did it intentionally, so now I can file off the excess product underneath with this carbide beat, so the nail will not look downwards anymore and we want to fix that because this is the only nail that does this thing, all other nails grow straight, so we need to fix it, so it will match with the rest of the nails, so I’m filing off the new curve underneath the nail and now as you can see the old product is white, so we almost pile it all off, and now we only have the new new product, so once you’re done and we need to do this underneath only on this nail on the other knee.S all I need to do is just to slightly shape them and file them for me the longest part of the info is definitely the product application as you’ve seen I did some adding’s on the side walls along the cubicles because some nails they were missing side walls and we needed to fix all that, so now once it’s all fixed, all I need to do is just slightly file the nails and do the shaping because they were outgrown pretty bad and we need to fix the sheep probably make it a little bit more pointy so we can get back to this point almonds and also make sure that they have the same length and the shape and once you’re done with them I will slightly Bob the surface which is not necessary, but I just want to make them more smooth, because then I will be trying the new cara sky on break Joe polish collection, so I just want this application to be easier and flawless and the buffer I’m using this is one eighty five.So if you’re planning to apply gel on top of acrylic nails make sure your buffer is not too soft, because if you will be using a the one which is like two eighty or 300 grid that is definitely too soft and the gel will not adhere to the surface as good almost done now if everything is nice and smooth get rid of all the dust I usually ask my client to use the bathroom at this time, and now let’s apply the colors first one will be a merry glow, hey gorgeous, so this color should switch from this purple color that we see now into pink and it will switch depending on the temperature of the room or the temperature of the hands we’ll see, so this is the first Co next color is called kiss and make up and I assume this one is like coral into white or inter light beige so since we already cured some nails in lead, you can see that the color.It is already kind of start work, and once you cure it and lead it immediately switches into warm color, but as you apply it from the bottle, you can still see this cold version of this color, so even the application is kind of fun, but when you apply a light color, the one that switches to new the white it’s kind of frustrating because you were applied and you’re like wait was this the first coat or the second as it’s happening now, you see, so the squirrel immediately turns into light nude and you kind of cannot tell whether you apply this coat or not, oh my god, the brushes already on break glowing that’s so cool booth colors definitely need at least two coats and especially if they have this glow so they glow in the dark and they change their color according to the temperature, so I definitely think we need at least two coats so once you apply them and fully cure, then I seal them with a top coat and I’m using care.This guy no wipe top coat which is a sock off no wipe topcoat which means it’s designed specifically to work with gel polishes, and you can easily use it even on natural nails not only on top of acrylic or gel nails and whatever I feel like the surface of the nail I just did was not too perfect I can always add a little bit of the top coat on the top and do you like a little additional self leveling with this topcoat, alright, are you ready to see the results so we fully cure the top coat and this is what we get when we have a warm temperature, but as it gets colder the free I just start to change their color, so this is how it looks when it’s something in between, so when it’s cold, we see a dark purple and a nice bright pink color, so it will be always like that if you live in Russia, but as you get inside and you get warmer, we can even see how this slowly.The color switches into a different one, so sometimes you can actually see the ahm break but let’s play with the cold water a little bit more so now we have a beautiful small French style nails and as we go deeper, we have another beautiful smile line, oh my god I think I would definitely play with nails all the time, if I did these colors on myself, I mean take a look at this isn’t it magic and now we have this spot that is still warm and um, no not anymore, but once we take it out of water, if the client is warm at the moment, it will switch back pretty fast.

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