Invisible Ink Glasses Poker & Invisible Ink Contact Lenses – Gpt Marked Cards

Anti-theft card contact lenses made from invisible ink silicone hydrogel or hydrated polymers are light and durable invisible ink glasses poker. Standard contact lenses include both hard and soft lenses. GS contact ink lenses are now soft lenses because of their comfort when reading marked cheat sheets. Additionally invisible ink glasses, contact ink cards lenses adhere strictly to contact lens process rules, which means that 13.5mm-14.5mm is a common range for contact lens diameters. Practical applications will be affected by the larger diameter. Central thickness also affects comfort and wearability of contact lens. The clarity of cheat cards can be affected by contact lenses that use invisible ink.
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For cheat deck reading, the invisible ink lens for card lenses with 0.06mm centers will be a great partner.Invisible Ink Contact lenses provide the ultimate solution for reading invisible ink marks from cheat cards. These lenses are safe for your eyes and won’t cause eye irritation after you leave work. These invisible ink lenses can be worn as regular contacts. Others will not see your eye color. However, in your field of view, you can see invisible ink marks on the backs marking cards. This makes your opponents suspicious. If you have the right invisible ink contacts lenses, you can win in casino poker games.

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