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What is marked playing cards? Keep it quiet. However, it is true that some magicians and mentalists use marked decks. A marked deck refers to a deck with secret marks at the back of the cards that allows you to identify the value or suit on the other side by simply looking at the card back.
How does an marked deck work? There’s two main types you’ll see in commercial production of marked decks: reader systems or coded system. Marked decks that use reader software look exactly like you would expect. The card information is hidden somewhere in the back of the deck. 7S would be 7 of Spades, so 7S would be 7 of them. This deck requires you to simply “read” the back of the cards, so that you can identify the correct card. Coded decks with codes can be marked using clues or codes to indicate the suit and value of the cards. One example is a clock face hidden on a card back. This could have a dot in place that corresponds with the number of cards.

What is the best way to identify a marked playing cards? Take it to the movies, or do “the riffle” to find out. It involves quickly flipping through the entire deck with your thumb, finger, or both. Then you will be able to examine the card backs carefully and see if there have been any changes in design. Different marking systems make some decks more visible than others.

When do you need to use a marked playing cards ? You don’t have to know much about marked decks or any other “trick deck” for card magic. This is far from the truth! Most card tricks are performed with an ordinary deck. The majority of card magic relies on skillful handling of cards, sleight and misdirection, as well as sheer sleight. Just as a mechanic has a toolbox full of different tools, magicians will sometimes need a marked deck. You can use it to perform “miracles” that are impossible with an ordinary deck.

When you should not use marked decks? Do not even consider using marked decks for card games, especially if playing for money. Warning: Cheating is a major problem in social games. You’ll ruin the experience for others and yourself. It’s worse to cheat in a gambling games because it’s a form stealing and eventually you will be caught. However, card magic is a legal tool. Conjuring is all about illusions, and the spectator can see that you use hidden secrets. You must also be able to create entertaining and unique tricks with a marked deck. Not just staring at a deck of cards and telling people what it is, but also not being able to explain the contents of the card makes for boring watching. However, a card trick that is well presented can be entertaining. The audience should not know you are using a secret weapon.

What is a Marked Deck? Check out This video where Jay Sankey, a magician, shows you a simple routine that you can perform. He also explains how to create your own marked board using a standard bicycle rider back deck.

What type of marked deck should I buy? Jay Sankey shows how you can make your own deck. The good news is that many marked decks are available. Many excellent marked decks were also created due to the growth of custom playing cards over the past decade. The first thing you need to do is decide whether you want a deck that has a reader marking system, or a coded marking system. You will also have to decide what style deck you want. Some people want a deck which looks discreet and is as close as possible to a bicycle riderback deck. Other people want decks that look more elegant, luxurious, or creative. It all comes down to personal preference. This will have to be combined with your choice of marking system.



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