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  • Service life

All the marked playing cards we produce are processed with the most advanced technology in the industry poker cheat . After using invisible ink to print the mark, we will add an additional protective coating. This protective coating can effectively prevent the invisible ink from being oxidized by air. At the same time, we have the best invisible ink stabilizer in the world. Therefore, our unopened products can be stored for more than half a year under normal conditions.

The service life should be judged according to the intensity of use. You can contact us for more accurate service life information.

  • Marking clarity

Because the patterns and materials of different playing cards are different. So we will formulate the most suitable ink ratio according to different playing cards. Therefore, the markings we produce will be very clear.

  • Type of mark

Usually, our marks have two categories. One of them is a large font in the center, and the other is small font with four corners. Of course, each can choose whether to distinguish the suit.

Because the suit of marks does not affect the recognition of fonts, our customers will always choose the mark with suits. Compared to small fonts, large fonts are easier to recognize in most cases. Therefore, we recommend using large fonts. At the same time, most of our customers also prefer large font marks.

  • Custom made

We can make invisible marks for your playing cards luminous ink glasses . Because there will be some small differences between playing cards from different origins. If you want to mark the playing cards exactly the same as your playing cards. Then the best way is to mail your playing cards to us. We mark your playing cards.



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